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The Challenge

Boost lead velocity

Agilisys are a leading provider of citizen-centric digital platforms and services that are transforming public sector service delivery.

Agilisys realised that they needed to implement a transformation project that would give them the opportunity to improve the efficiency of their marketing and sales operations, and in turn, their lead velocity - lead velocity is calculated from the moment the lead enters the database to the point the lead is converted into a won deal.

Agilisys had a primary challenge which was to create a seamless integration between marketing and sales platforms. And also integration between systems and processes - with the end goal of accelerating their lead velocity.

As Accelerate have extensive systems integration experience across a variety of leading solution platforms, Agilisys saw this collaboration as an opportunity to support business growth and accelerate their sales process.

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The Work

Integration and processes strategy

Accelerate approached this challenge by creating and implementing an integrated systems and processes strategy. This was broken down into 3 key projects:

  1. Seamless integration of marketing automation and CRM platforms
  2. Consolidated reporting and analytics
  3. Training, efficient communications and a feedback loop between sales and marketing
  1. The first step involved seamlessly integrating the marketing automation and CRM platforms. This meant that the existing solutions needed to be linked together, with the CRM as the sales-facing system and the marketing automation platform as the central system, making sure the two communicated efficiently.
  2. The second step focused on empowering the marketing and sales teams with actionable data to help their decision-making processes. By completely restructuring the reports, as well as defining or redefining the key metrics, Agilisys were able to focus on implementing the lead nurturing and demand creation programs that had the most impact.
  3. Finally, a crucial, but often overlooked stage of the systems integration is the training. Accelerate spent time at the Agilisys offices to deliver a completely tailored training solution on the usage of the systems and best practices.

The Impact

Average lead time reduced by 5 months

At the beginning of the project the client’s pipeline velocity was 11 months. As a primary result of the transformation project that was implemented, Accelerate managed to reduce the lead journey by 5 months. An excellent result that was obtained in less than 9 months and directly reflected in the revenue growth for Agilisys.

Having the ability to optimise the sales process meant that Agilisys refined its ability to influence buyer groups and are now running much more efficient marketing and sales operations. As a result, with more consistent processes in place, the data moves faster and more accurately from one system to another (e.g. marketing automation to CRM), and the sales team can identify the next customers more quickly.


  • Marketing and sales systems integration
  • Onboarding new technologies
  • Data consolidation and reporting strategy
  • Streamlining the marketing/sales processes
  • Lead velocity and pipeline acceleration strategy

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