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The Challenge

Building a venture builder brand

Founded in 1998 Blenheim Chalcot is the UK’s leading venture builder, with portfolio sales in excess of £300m, more than 3,000 employees, and a successful track record of over 40 companies. Working alongside entrepreneurs, Blenheim Chalcot invests more than just funds; they invest knowledge, experience, ideas and infrastructure. Supporting the ventures from startup to scale and exit, they give access to global networks and the business development services needed for growth.

The challenge was to reinvent the Blenheim Chalcot brand and shine a spotlight on their success. By doing this they hoped to attract potential employees, entrepreneurs and investors while establishing themselves as a thought leader and the UK’s leading venture builder.

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Blenheim Chalcot

The Work

Chasing Gazelles

We started by taking the time to understand the audiences that Blenheim Chalcot needed to attract. To help create the brand and tone, we evolved a set of principles that reflected the business and the people behind it. Following further research into the types of business which Blenheim Chalcot create and also a common theme of agility, we landed on the gazelle concept.

Gazelle businesses are high-growth companies that repeatedly and consistently grow their revenues by at least 20% annually. The leaping gazelle icon and its single path treatment reflects both the types of ventures that Blenheim Chalcot build and the nimble approach which they take while doing so. We paired this mark with a design architecture that embraces whitespace and a Swiss-style aesthetic. The brand was then rolled out across all business publications and stationery as work began on the digital experience.

The website began by defining the user experience and their needs. The content and user experience was architected to create an interactive and dynamic journey across multiple devices. The user interface was then designed to attract and convert, using language that we specifically developed for Blenheim Chalcot, so that they could be recognised through definitive words and phrases.

The Impact

A leap forward

Following its launch, the Blenheim Chalcot website has been well received with over 3 million views, and a 60% increase in traffic against the same period in 2015. The site has been a success in terms of reinvention as there is now a strong brand identity, clear messaging and a set of well communicated values in place.

In addition, the careers section has accounted for over 33% of all traffic, driving more talent and potential employees to the business, and allowing Blenheim Chalcot to continue to open up their offering while expanding their ventures.


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  • Animation
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  • Post Production

Digital Experience

  • Brand Strategy
  • Creative Direction
  • Visual Design
  • Stationary
  • Digital Strategy
  • Stations Architecture
  • UI/UX Design
  • FE/BE Development


  • Performance Strategy
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Career Platform Integration
  • Monitoring & Optimisation

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