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The Challenge

Scaling, Tracking & Integrating

Instrumental is a talent discovery and development business that matches the most influential, established, and emerging social stars with global brands to drive sales.

There were 3 main challenges that they needed to address:

1. Sales process not scalable: As the team was small, there was no dedicated focus or specialist resource for sales. While initial work carried out on prospecting was good, it was largely managed by the CEO and with other duties to carry out, it was impossible to grow these results. Best practices also needed to be instilled throughout the sales process and inbound marketing to generate more leads.

2. Unrefined value proposition: As Instrumental’s B2B offering was still in its infancy, the value proposition and ideal customer profiles were still a work in progress. As a result, this presented challenges over what to pitch to each market and how. A compelling value proposition, supported by equally compelling sales collateral and an understanding of its ideal target market, needed to be established to increase sale.

3. Low and untracked close rate: Although a small number of meetings were being booked with prospects, not enough were closing. This meant that there was optimisation required later on in the sales process as well as at the start.

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The Work

Hubspot Sales & CRM Integration

To power the lead generation engine, we introduced the sales workflow automation tool Hubspot Sales Pro, to automate outbound campaigns, send to prospects en masse, and track activity and results in one place. We also added a ‘click-to-dial’ functionality (which allows a user to race through a call list), a call recording feature (to enable effective coaching for sales managers) and a web chat functionality (to capture more leads). Hubspot Meetings was also added, so that prospects could automatically schedule their own meetings.

The approach to identifying ideal customer profiles was formalised by bringing the whole team together to define and create profiles as well as a six-factor SWOT analysis to decide where to focus prospecting efforts and with what messaging.  In addition, we migrated all existing processes and data from the existing CRM to the Hubspot CRM. New, refined processes were introduced and the team were trained on how to use the new system so that sales efforts could be clearly tracked with optimised reporting and forecasting. Low close rates were also looked at with a list of qualification criteria being introduced, as well as training on general sales best practice being delivered to the existing team.

With the foundations laid, an inside sales rep was introduced – who had completed intensive sales training - and deployed to start scaling prospecting efforts. They were required to book 2 sales meetings a day through a high volume of emails and daily calls, ensuring prospecting campaigns were both multi-touch and multi-channel. After a couple of months, as well as further sales training scheduled, a second sales rep was brought in with prospecting split into two – agency-sales and brand-sales – with one rep dedicated to each.

The Impact

Scalability & Increased Leads Closing Ratios

As well as the introduction and successful onboarding of two skilled inside sales reps, we have managed to implement a successful process for predictable, scalable prospecting using cutting-edge processes and systems.

Results are now fully tracked and reported in the CRM and close rates are being improved daily.

In the 3 months prior to the project’s commencement, 9 sales meetings had taken place. Since the project began, almost 100 positive responses to prospecting emails have been received, with 45 qualification calls or meetings taking place and 5 live proposals sent to prospects which are currently awaiting feedback. There were another 50 positive responses to prospecting emails which are waiting to be followed up. After a positive start, one deal has already closed with many more to be expected in the coming months.


  • Sales Process Optimisation
  • Marketing & Sales Integration
  • Sales Rep Deployment
  • Sales Training
  • Sales Advisory

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