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The Challenge

Increase leads and lower cost per lead

Liberis help small businesses obtain funding with a straightforward product called a Business Cash Advance, based on future credit and debit card sales.

Liberis had been operating paid search for several years, with mature campaigns delivering strong results. However, they realised that their existing structure had been adapted and modified over a long period of time. Therefore, it had become bulky and overly complex making it inflexible for growth.

They recently rebranded and developed a new website, and decided the time was right for a comprehensive review and update of the paid search account structures, across both Google and Bing.

The objective was to develop a new campaign structure that was easy to optimise and scale quickly. They also wanted to identify new opportunities to increase leads and conversions, while improving efficiency and profitability, by bringing down the cost per lead.

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The Work

Full review and complete restructuring of campaigns

Accelerate started by conducting a full review of the existing campaigns, drilling down to see what was converting and what wasn’t over a period of several months. They then built out a new set of keywords from scratch, cross-referencing existing data to ensure that all high-performing keywords were transferred. Where data existed, Accelerate implemented optimal keyword-level bids based on existing conversion data. And for new terms, they made sensible bid estimates based on instinct and experience.

Exact and Broad Match Modifier keywords were segmented at campaign level, massively simplifying implementation, with far greater flexibility for fast and efficient scaling in future.

Alongside the restructure, Accelerate also took the opportunity to switch the accounts to the relatively new Extended Text Ads, offering increased advert character-limits compared to Standard Text Ads.

The launch was staggered, so that Accelerate could verify the performance of the new structure in each area. Starting with lower-risk areas (in terms of revenue), analysing results and then launching the next group.

The Impact

50% Increase in number of applications with 21% decrease in costs

Across the whole account, the new structure delivered a substantial 50% increase in applications, with a 21% decrease in cost-per-application. Isolating the Generic ‘prospecting’ campaigns, applications are up by 72% (partly driven by a 22% increase in conversion rate) and the cost-per-application has fallen by 33%.

Furthermore, the Extended Text Ads have contributed to an incredible 111% increase in click-through rate. However, this is also because of improved targeting and relevance, largely as a result of the prior analysis of high/low performing areas in the previous structure.

Essentially, the results have had an extremely positive effect, which is directly aiding business growth and increasing market share for Liberis - and at a far more efficient cost.


  • Paid Search
  • Google AdWords
  • Bing Ads
  • Analytics
  • Data Analysis

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