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The Challenge

Communicating the benefits

WEX provides a virtual payment solution that allows businesses to pay their suppliers fast, touch-free and in real-time, allowing for tighter control and efficient tracking of payments.

One of the main challenges that WEX faced was being able to effectively communicate their proposition in a clear and simple way. They already had several use cases in place, but they were often very detailed and difficult to digest. They needed a way of communicating the benefits of the product, without going into too much technical detail.

They wanted to create something that could be used across marketing and sales, and that would resonate with potential customers in all sectors. Being able to communicate the business benefit of their solution in a succinct manner was a critical factor for sales success, and ultimately for enabling business growth.


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The Work

Simple animation to engage the audience

Video offers something that written content cannot. It enables businesses to communicate with their audiences on a more emotive level. Videos take less effort for the audience to consume, and tend to have a better conversion rate. Hubspot report a 200 - 300% average increase in click-through rates on emails that contain video.

For WEX, with their need to bring the product benefits to life in a simple and engaging way, video was a no-brainer. We decided on a simple animation style, to bring the key messages to life in an engaging way, without becoming a distraction. By taking a more abstract approach, we were able to steer away from a cartoon-style animation which would risk tying individuals to the brand, be too case-specific and tedious to watch. Instead we created a simple yet impactful story through a series of minimalist animations. This approach helps to position WEX as a smart and credible solution for businesses.

When businesses have a great product, there’s a tendency to want to list all the great features in explainer videos. It’s more important though to focus on what problems the product is solving, and how it’ll benefit the end user. When scripting for WEX we worked hard to include the right balance of needs-based messages, with some of the more technical detail to give it authority.

The Impact

An effective sales and marketing hook

The end result was an impactful animated video that was easy and enjoyable to watch, but still engaging enough to land all the key benefits that WEX offer.

It’s now used as a marketing hook to help generate leads at the top of the funnel; working to attract and create interest. It’s also a key piece of content to help sales teams tell WEX’s story in a more articulate way; fueling email marketing and CRM activity. For example, replacing lengthy content, or slides in a slide deck.

It’s also established a new design style that can be reused for future videos. Replicating the design style helps to build brand recognition, while also keeping costs down with less time needed at the conception stage. The result - a win-win for everyone.



  • Copywriting


  • Graphic Design
  • Storyboarding
  • Motion Graphics
  • Directing
  • Editing
  • Sound Design
  • Music Licensing
  • Animation


  • Project Management

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